Api chameliya power LTD. was established in B.S. 13th Falgun, 2075 (25th February, 2019) under “The Company Act, 2006" and is being promoted by Api power company limited. The main objective of the company is to generate electricity through utilization of water and renewable resources abundantly available in the country in solving our everlasting energy crisis. The company has its Corporate Office located at 4th Floor, Trade Tower Nepal, Thapathali, Kathmandu. Ingwa Hydropower Limited is one of the emerging Company in Nepal’s Power Sector with Power Generation and Supply to National Grid as its core business. Company is in the process to be registered with Securities Board of Nepal. Ingwa Hydropower Limited is committed to operational excellence and believes in good governance, corporate citizenship and creating value for stakeholders. The company is currently working in the development of hydro electric projects.


Mathillo Chameliya Jalvidhut Aayojana( Upper Chameliya hydropower project ) 40 MW is a run-off-the-river (ROR) type of project. The project site is located at Apihimal and Marma Gaunpalika of Darchula district on Chameliya River which is a tributary of Mahakali River. Installed capacity of project is 40 MW with available gross head of 204.80 m and design discharge of 23.47 m3/s with probability of flow exceedence of 42%. The project consists of a diversion weir across Chameliya river, desanding basin, headrace pipe, surge tank, penstock pipe, powerhouse, tailrace canal, switchyard and transmission line. The energy generated from the project will be connected to the NEA’s Balanch Substation which is 16 KM far from purposed powerhouse by 132 KV Voltage level transmission line which is already in operation. Estimated construction period is 4 years. Also, IRR of the project is 21.3% and Payback Period is 6 years.