Why To Invest

The opportunity presented by the government of Nepal on renewable energy investment is wonderful. There is a growing demand for energy as new industries and infrastructure projects spring up, straining the already limited available power. Nepal is one of the richest countries regarding water resources. Nepal has around 6,000 rivers and rivulets with an annual runoff of about 225 billion cubic meters of flowing water. And a favorable geographical set­up endows this country with massive hydropower generation potential. Studies reveal about 43,000 MW of hydropower potential in terms of installed capacity is technically and economically viable. till date only about 1010 MW is being generated .Hydropower can become a primary energy source, not just for citizens but its cross-border neighbours as well. On this note, the Nepal government has taken measures to ensure a favourable environment for investment in the energy sector of the country.Being promoted by an established company Api Power Company Limited, Api Chameliya power limited is a wonderful platform to invest on. Upper Chameliya Hydro power project(40MW) is located in Darchula Province 7, on Chameliya river (Snow Fed River) which is a tributary of Mahakali River is technically viable and financially feasible project. Total cost being Nrs.740 Crore, i.e. nearly 18.5 crore per megawatts the project has IRR of 21.3% and payback period of 6 years.

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